Lavender + Peppermint Face Mist

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There's just something about the scent of lavender which is just so relaxing and great for helping you calm down and even get to sleep. When my friend Allegra asked me to make this for her, I never expected so many others to fall in love with it the way that we both did.

The lavender is at its heart a great natural soother. So it makes sense that it can sooth our senses so well. When combined with the fierce fresh ambience of the peppermint, it makes this perfect counter-balance to challenge demanding pressures on our skin and in our mind and feelings.

We all know the benefits of lavender and peppermint so I won't dwell onto how those are so good for our skin. But I would like to say how much I find this spray great to help diminish anxiety, reground emotions and harmonise tricky hormones. This is a lovely spray for your room and around the house too.

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