Maintaining a healthy workplace

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Maintaining a healthy workplace
A virus on a single door handle can spread through a building in just a few hours”
P-Wave® Sales and Marketing Manager Mark Wintle

Preventing the spread of illness in the workplace is critical for productivity and there is understandably a current global focus on preventative health measures to minimise exposure to viruses.

Hygiene in the workplace starts with hand hygiene. It is estimated that over 90% of adults do not wash their hands for long enough to thoroughly clean away bacteria and viruses, and according to a 2019 report from Mintel, 15% of young men in the UK do not think it is important to wash their hands after using the toilet.

Mintel also found that only 72% of males aged 16-34 think it’s important to wash their hands after coughing, sneezing or blowing their nose, compared to 85% of Brits aged 55 and over.

“It is estimated that 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touch, so basic hand hygiene through adequate washing and drying is at the heart of reducing risk in a premises,” said Mark. “But if even only a small percentage of employees or visitors do not wash their hands properly, think about what they touch next. A virus on a single door handle can spread through a building in just a few hours, so I certainly think twice before grabbing a toilet door handle!

P-Wave® features two products in its Purehold range. P-Hold is an innovative, antibacterial door handle cover, which can be easily installed onto pull door handles, while P-Plate is an innovative, antibacterial push plate that can be fitted to doors using the fixings supplied.

“Both these Purehold products kill 99.9% of bacteria using silver ion-coated technology to combat pathogens deposited onto the surface by users and then works continuously, 24/7,” said Mark.

The robust and sturdy P-Hold can be snapped on to any pull door in less than 30 seconds and requires no tools or experience. Once installed, it will last for 6 months with a visual indicator to inform staff when it needs changing. Meanwhile P-Plate lasts 12 months, with visual indicator to tell staff when it needs changing.

“So, while P-Wave® is best known for its innovative urinal screens and air fresheners, we see and solve the bigger picture by also offering the Purehold range,” said Mark.

P-Wave® will be exhibiting the Purehold range alongside its industry leading urinal screens and passive and active air fresheners at The Manchester Cleaning Show – at Event City, Manchester from 25th to 26th March 2020.

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